Most public displays do not allow users to make choices, in particular not using mid-air gestures. We argue that interactive public displays would benefit from usable mid-air techniques for choosing options, expressing opinions and more generally selecting an element among several options.


We propose a design space for hand-gesture-based mid-air selection techniques on interactive public displays, along with four specific techniques that we evaluated. We present findings from the first in-the-wild study of mid-air selection techniques on public displays at three locations where 1) people naturally used point+dwell to select items, 2) people explored the options before selecting one, 3) most people selected an item after registration, even if no hint how to do this was provided, and 4) some people interacted inadvertently.

We conclude by providing recommendations for designers of interactive public displays to support immediate usability for mid-air selection.

Results of this project were published at MobileHCI 2014. The paper received and Honorable Mention Award: