Robert Walter

PhD Student

I am an HCI researcher. My interests are focused on full-body interaction with large interactive public displays, concentrating on immediate comprehension and usability. I am PhD student at the Quality and Usability Lab of Telekom Innovation Laboratories and Technical University of Berlin.


  • Glimpse


    In this work we use a head-mounted eye tracker to record visual behavior of 25 users interacting with a public display game that uses a silhouette user representation, mirroring the users' movements.

  • Squint


    Together with Viktor Miruchna, I built a head-mounted display (HMD), similar to the Oculus Rift. As an additional feature, our HMD allows for binocular eyetracking. The can estimate in what direction, and at what depth the user is looking.

  • Cuenesics


    We propose a design space for hand-gesture-based mid-air selection techniques on interactive public displays, along with four specific techniques that we evaluated.

  • MyPosition


    The project with Nina Valkanova allows for a great and novel way of urban participation: passers-by get the opportunity to place a vote on local topics by performing body gestures in front of a large public display installation.

  • StrikeAPose


    We investigate how to reveal an initial mid-air gesture on interactive public displays. This initial gesture can serve as gesture registration for advanced operations.

  • LookingGlass


    In this project with Jörg Müller we investigated how passers-by notice the interactivity of public displays. We designed an interactive installation that uses visual feedback to the incidental movements of passers-by to communicate its interactivity.

  • Kinect Finger Counting


    In this project with Gilles Bailly we present the adaptation of three menu techniques for free hand interaction: Linear menu, Marking menu and FingerCount menu.


Robert Walter, Andreas Bulling, David Lindlbauer, Martin Schuessler, Jörg Müller. (2015) Analyzing Visual Attention During Whole Body Interaction with Public Displays. In Proceedings of 2015 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp ’15)

Robert Walter, Gilles Bailly, Nina Valkanova, Jörg Müller. (2014) Cuenesics: Using Mid-Air Gestures to Select Items on Interactive Public Displays. In Proceedings of 16th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services (MobileHCI ’14)

David Lindlbauer, Toru Aoki, Robert Walter, Yuji Uema, Anita Höchtl, Michael Haller, Masahiko Inami, Jörg Müller. (2014) Tracs: Transparency-control for See-through Displays. In Proceedings of 27th ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST ’14)

Nina Valkanova, Robert Walter, Andrew Vande Moere, Jörg Müller. (2014) MyPosition: Sparking Civic Discourse by a Public Interactive Poll Visualization. In Proceedings of ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW ’14)

Robert Walter, Gilles Bailly, Jörg Müller. (2013) StrikeAPose: Revealing Mid-Air Gestures on Public Displays. In Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI ’13)

Jörg Müller, Robert Walter, Gilles Bailly, Michael Nischt, Florian Alt, (2012) Looking glass: a field study on noticing interactivity of a shop window. In Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. (CHI ’12)

Maurice Ten Koppel, Gilles Bailly, Jörg Müller, Robert Walter, (2012) Chained displays: configurations of public displays can be used to influence actor-, audience-, and passer-by behavior. In Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. (CHI ’12)

Gilles Bailly, Robert Walter, Jörg Müller, Tongyan Ning, Eric Lecolinet, (2011) Comparing free hand menu techniques for distant displays using linear, marking and finger-count menus. In Proceedings of the 13th IFIP TC 13 international conference on Human-computer interaction – Volume Part II. (INTERACT’11)

Tongyan Ning, Jörg Müller, Robert Walter, Gilles Bailly, Chat Wacharamanotham, Florian Alt, Jan Borchers, (2011) No Need to Stop: Menu Techniques for Passing by Public Displays. In CHI 2011 Workshop on Large Displays in Urban Life: from Exhibition Halls to Media Facades. (CHI ’11)


Since 2011, I supervise the exercises and the projects of the Mobile Interaction module of Quality and Usability Lab of TU Berlin. In the exercise, students learn the basics of the famous creative coding environment Processing and get introduced to the Kinect Camera and the OpenNI framework.

Using these tools, students practically apply the interaction design process taught in the lecture and create small projects in groups. The task is to create an intuitive yet engaging interactive public display application.

Within 7 weeks, students go from brainstorming ideas and defining personas of the target audience, over storyboard, conducting interviews with potential users, paper prototyping, to the first iteration of a software prototype. The prototype is then redefined using methods of heuristic evaluation and a think-aloud user study. Students document the progress of their work in a project blog (check the links below).

Mobile Interaction Winter Semester 2012/2013

In that semester we had 15 great projects (70 students) working on the topic of Interactive Waiting Area Experience. Note that the projects displayed here is not my work but the result of student projects of our HCI course! Visit the corresponding blogs to get more information.

Drunken Ed

You play a drunkard: shift your body and try not to tumble!
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A Southpark-themed racing game that you control by bending your body. You can also throw snow balls!
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A FruitNinja-like game that you can play with your body.
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Mobile Interaction Winter Semester 2011/2012

In that semester we had 12 projects (57 students). Note that the projects presented here is not my work, but results of our student projects. Check out a list of noticeable projects below!


Players have to place specific body parts on predefined, moving targets on a circle around their body.
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Air BEnd

How about an air guitar that you can actually play? Air BEnd allows you to play virtual instruments together.
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Make Graffiti, Not Vandalism – Touchless Interaction with Public Display using KINECT
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Supervised Theses

Thor Bossuyt, Niklas Hillgren. 2012 Combining Touch and Gestural Interaction on Public Displays
Tiare Feuchtner. 2014 Interruptions in Interaction with Public Displays


18 Apr

Today, I attended the Doctoral Consortium at CHI’15 in Seoul. It was a great opportunity to get feedback on my thesis work from important HCI people.

19 Dec

While it’s already quite easy to create videos from processing sketches using the saveFrame() function and a video converting tool like the FFmpeg command line tool, this approach comes with some drawbacks. You need relatively large amounts of hard disk[…]

26 Sep

We just received an honorable mention award at MobileHCI’14 for our work Cuenesics: Using Mid-Air Gestures to Select Items on Interactive Public Displays.

26 Sep

I am talking at MobileHCI’14 in Toronto to present our paper Cuenesics: Using Mid-Air Gestures to Select Items on Interactive Public Displays

12 May

We deployed Drunken Ed in the framework of the Berlin Long Night of Science 2014. Drunken Ed is an Urban Game that was initiated by a very ambitious group of students of the Mobile Interaction course that we give at[…]

19 Jan

I discussed with David that it would be awesome to use some patches of OLED, or LEDs and PDLC panels to build together a volumetric display, that consists of cubic transparent, switchable voxels. I was fascinated by the idea and[…]

25 Oct

According to Google’s Data Liberation Front (and German privacy laws), users are able to download a complete record of their data from the Google servers. This service is implemented as Google Takeout. I downloaded my Location History data of the[…]

2 Aug

Together with HIIG Startup Clinics we installed an interactive screen at Factory Berlin. The system was running for one day within the scope of the Factory Summer Fair. It might be a bit off-topic, but the summer fair was the[…]

29 Jul

We installed a large interactive rear-projection at the TU Berlin Cafeteria. The system is standing there for one week from 29th of july until 2nd of august 2013. It’s an interactive survey tool, that allows students to vote on a[…]

22 Jul

We installed an interactive survey tool at Betahaus Berlin. The system is installed for two weeks between 22nd of july and 2nd of august 2013. We use a Kinect camera and an ultra-bright projector to turn a regular wall into[…]

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